Before our births, void of choice, we became part of the story,
During our lives, with a choice, we can't escape the story,
After death, abandoned choice, the story continues to seep.
- Andrew Mansell


Photo by Brian Valentine

I was not the first raindrop and definitely not the last,

but my path will be one of a kind.


2 Responses to “Everyone”

  1. carolyn — September 15, 2009 @ 6:46 am (#)

    All the jelly beans in the jar may look the same, but you can't eat the same one twice. We are all unique. 🙂

  2. Andrew — April 28, 2010 @ 11:56 pm (#)

    Hi Carolyn

    I am glad we are all unique. Babba the Abba tribute band has got me thinking though.

    Regards, Andrew.

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