Before our births, void of choice, we became part of the story,
During our lives, with a choice, we can't escape the story,
After death, abandoned choice, the story continues to seep.
- Andrew Mansell

Month: July 2011

Red Moon

Photo by Phil Ostroff

Jeremy had always abided by the law of the Australian land and lived his life guided by a perception of fairness and common sense. He drank his first beer on his eighteenth birthday, kept his virginity till his wedding night and routinely declared his income to the tax office. His wife of forty years, Kay, was of the same ilk except she had one little secret – a secret she had long forgotten. When she was seventeen, she sipped a glass of champagne at her mother’s fortieth birthday party when no one was looking; seemed so trivial then and even more so as each day passed since. In a rare moment of peaceful abnormality, Jeremy and Kay decided that their turn had come; to let common sense override any law and to set precedence for the creation of a new law.

Jeremy sat on the edge of Kay’s bed where her quadriplegic body lay motionless. Mid morning sunlight was almost a pleasure as it painted thin rectangles of hope in the shadows cast by the dusty venetian blinds. Jeremy had taken half an hour to feed Kay bacon and eggs – the same meal that had welcomed them to their honeymoon in May, 1971. They had both licked their plates back then but today Kay didn’t manage half a ration of bacon let alone the yolk of an egg.

‘Well, my love, we better begin as arranged.’ Bill smiled the best he could.

‘Go right ahead.’ Kay managed to stay focused.