Before our births, void of choice, we became part of the story,
During our lives, with a choice, we can't escape the story,
After death, abandoned choice, the story continues to seep.
- Andrew Mansell

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Dwindling Apostles

Photo by Vlatka Martinek

Photo by Vlatka Prest

Once walked, now banished,
Battered by natures gifts,
In another lifetime vanished,
Forever from these cliffs.

Preach your dwindling name,
From this lens never swept,
Eternally captured in this frame,
Reference safely kept.

Andrew Mansell, October 2010.


Photo by Brian Valentine

I was not the first raindrop and definitely not the last,

but my path will be one of a kind.

Let The River Run

Photo by Vlatka Martinek

Photo by Vlatka Martinek

All is connected in this land down under
From calm blue skies to deafening thunder
Indigenous people saw in the beginning
And Anglo people in the pending
Take a look at the barren flood plains
Gums trees fall in unwanted shame
Salt surfaces on once fertile lands
Fish stocks suffocate in swarming sands
Lakes have turned to dried up puddles
Why on earth would you still muddle?
Contaminated water has become the norm
Environmental disaster in the highest form
Her once magnificent mouth, full of gleaming teeth
Decays toothless and bleeding; impossible to bequeath
Whose fault though, who is to blame?
Initially brainwashed by a holy name
Technology and greed, all the same
Is there a chance not to repeat again?
And go back to the beginning
When all joy was in giving
The Murray’s current flowed unabated to the sea
Seasons bossed the waves, instinct was common sense
Why, oh, why, wasn’t it let to be?
And the ending would be just hence

Andrew Mansell, July 2008

Photo by Redoublebrick

Human Nature

Human nature is like a disappearing full moon at midnight and like grey clouds covering the sun at midday.

Andrew Mansell June 2006

Life Is Like Music

Life is like music,
It appears so simple on the surface,
Seven notes, Seven days,
But how they can be arranged,
Manipulated and Interpretated,
In an infinate amount of ways.

Andrew Mansell June 2007